CSI Board of Directors

CSI Board of Directors consists of eighteen Fond du Lac County community members and various organizations involved in various CSI priorities.

Dr. Sarah Arnold

Psychologist, Agnesian

CSI Priority: Mental Health

Erin Brendelson

SHP Coordinator, FdL School District

CSI Priority: Safety, Mental Health

Dr. Michael Degere

Population Health Management, Vice President, Greater FdL Ministries SSM Health

CSI Priority: Mental Health

Dr. Matt Doll

Behavioral Health Director, SSM Agnesian, Doll & Associates

CSI Priority: CSI Vice Chair, Mental Health

Amanda Draxler

Counselor, Delta Center

CSI Priority: Mental Health

Sandy Foote

Community Member

CSI Priority: CSI Element 2 Chair, Alcohol, Tabacco & Drugs

Kevin Galske

FdL Co. Sherriff’s Department Chief Deputy

CSI Priority: Alcohol, Tabacco & Drugs

Dan Hebel

Chief Executive Officer, B&G Club

CSI Priority: CSI Chair, Family Engagement, Mental Health

Becky Hoffman

Birth to Three, FdL County

CSI Priority: Family Engagement

Amber Kilawee

Executive Director, United Way of FdL, SPROUT President

CSI Priority: CSI Element 5 Chair, Family Engagement

Lauren Martin

Systems Development Supervision, FdL Co. DSS

CSI Priority: Trauma Informed Care

Katie Moder

Director of Pupil Services, FDLSD

CSI Priority: CSI Element 1 Chair & Treasurer, Family Engagement

Christine Schultz

Director of Student Services, NFDLSD

CSI Priority: Trauma Informed Care

Marian Sheridan

Community Member

CSI Priority: CSI Element 4 Chair, Mental Health

Andrea Walsch

Children’s Museum of FdL, Director

CSI Priority: Family Engagement

Brittani Woods

NAMI Board Member

CSI Priority: Mental Health

Melissa Worthington

VP Chamber Services and Strategic Advancement, Envision Fond du Lac

CSI Priority: CSI Vice Chair

Monica Zindler

Psychologiest, Fond du Lac High School

CSI Priority: Mental Health, Family Engagement