CSI Executive Committee

CSI’s Executive Committee consists of seven community members that represent the various priorities of CSI.

Sandy Foote

Community Member

CSI Priority: Element 5 Chair, SPROUT President

Dan Hebel

Chief Executive Officer, B&G Club of FdL

CSI Priority: CSI Chair

Amber Kilawee

Executive Director, United Way of FdL

CSI Priority: Element 2 Chair, Drug Free Communities

Dr. Matt Doll

Behavioral Health Director, SSM Agnesian, Doll & Associates

CSI Priority: CSI Vice Chair

Melissa Worthington

Vice President, Chamber Services & Strategics Advancement, Envision FdL

CSI Priority: CSI Vice Chair

Katie Moder

Director of Pupil Services, FDLSD

CSI Priority: CSI Element 1 Chair & Treasurer

Marian Sheridan

Community Member

CSI Priority: CSI Element 4 Chair