Fond du Lac High School

No student should suffer in silence when help is available.

Fond du Lac High School partners with the Fond du Lac Area YScreen Program to offer all 9th grade students a free and confidential emotional health screen.

We know that emotional health problems can interfere with academic success, relationships, and overall happiness. Programs like YScreen are important because about 1 in 5 teens struggle with emotional health concerns, and often the adults in their lives are not aware of the full extent of these concerns until a breaking point is reached.

Our goal in offering YScreen to FHS students is to reduce the number of youth who are struggling, by identifying their concerns earlier and supporting their parents/guardians as they access the help their child needs before it becomes a crisis.

YScreen is offered to all 9th grade students, and both parental & youth consent are required. YScreen is also available to upper grade students by referral. Read about the screening process.

Questions? Please call your child’s school counselor or contact the YScreen office at (920)906-6571.

YScreen’s Mission: To improve the emotional health of youth throughout the Fond du Lac Area by providing early identification of mental health disorders and risks of suicide through easily accessible screening, referral to services and facilitating follow-up treatment through case management. 

Learn more about how YScreen is funded.