How it works

YScreen Process Steps

There are 5 steps to the screening process:

  1. Educate parents, teachers, and students. School staff and classroom presentations about the program are provided by YScreen personnel. Schools distribute information about YScreen to parents, and YScreen personnel are available to answer questions.
  2. Attain parental & student consent. Parents of eligible youth must sign and return a permission slip (paper or electronic). Youth must also agree to participate. Screening is offered to all 9th grade students and by referral.
  3. Screen all who choose to participate. In a private setting, youth complete a brief screening questionnaire. Fond du Lac Area YScreen currently utilizes the Pediatric Symptom Checklist-Youth Report, which research shows is a valid tool to assess the health of teenagers and assist teens in connecting with professional assistance if necessary. The youth then has a conversation with YScreen staff about the results and their current stressors, coping skills, and support system. If no concerns are identified, the youth is provided with information about local mental health resources and the process is complete.
  4. Identify those who are struggling. If concerns are identified, an in-depth conversation between the youth and a clinician occurs to determine whether a referral for further mental health evaluation or services is warranted.
  5. Assist parents in obtaining services. YScreen personnel contact the youth’s parents to explain the identified concerns and provide ongoing support in accessing mental health services.

Important to Know

  • YScreen staff are experienced, state licensed counselors and case managers.
  • All screening results are confidential, stored separately from academic records, and not shared with school personnel.
  • If YScreen staff believe a child is in danger, or is a danger to others, appropriate personnel and/or authorities will be notified.