In Plain Sight

Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County is pleased to share with you the video IN PLAIN SIGHT, a look into an average teen’s bedroom. We know that not all teens are drinking, smoking or using drugs, what we do know is that there are places and items that you may not know what they are or how they are used…and it is all in plain sight. Each year Drug Free Communities conducts an alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) survey which is available to county schools for grades 8, 10 and 11. The 2020 (ATOD) survey results indicated that the onset of alcohol use for teens was 13 years of age.

School Resource Officer Steve Ketchenschmidt from the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s office will take us on a tour of this teen’s room and see what alcohol and other drug items he can find, all in plain sight.