Healthier Youth through Emotional Health Screening

What is YScreen?

The Fond du Lac Area YScreen Program offers emotional health screening for youth ages 12-18.  Designed to identify risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse and suicide, YScreen is offered to ninth graders in high schools throughout Fond du Lac County.

The program is FREE and confidential and requires both the student and parent’s permission.

Why the need?

About 1 in 5 (20%) adolescents have a mental health concern; however, over 50% of these adolescents end up struggling in silence while their concern goes unidentified.

If these concerns are left unidentified and untreated it can lead to the following:

  • Grades dropping
  • School attendance decreasing
  • Conflicts with family, friends and teachers
  • Increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use, and suicide

Both physical and mental health of young people play a key role in their ability to succeed in school, have rewarding relationships with family members and friends and lead productive, happy lives.

Quick Facts:

  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for individuals ages 15-24 both nationally and in the state of Wisconsin
  • Nationally, 17% of youth (grades 9-12) surveyed had seriously considered suicide and 7% attempted (CDC, 2017)
  • In Wisconsin, 16% of youth surveyed thought seriously about suicide and 8% attempted (YRBS, 2017)
  • Locally, of 8th, 10th and 11th grade respondents in Fond du Lac County, 15% seriously considered suicide and 7% attempted (2019)

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all youth
have a mental health screening annually

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about the YScreen Program, please contact the YScreen staff at 920-906-6571 or the school counselor at your child’s school.

How does it work?

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