Prescription Drug Misuse

Prescription for a Safe Community

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem not only in Fond du Lac County, but also nationwide.  It affects both adult and youth populations.

In Fond du Lac County, the average age of onset of youth who report using prescription medications for non-medical use is 13 years old. Furthermore, 15% report obtaining medications from their home/medicine cabinet, 35% from parents, 18% from friends/peers, and only 8% from strangers/dealers (2020).

The goals of this initiative are to educate and develop best practices for prescription safety using the following three areas:

  • Secure
  • NO Sharing
  • Disposal

SECURE: it is important to keep all medication in a secure location such as:

  • An area that is not accessible to children or visitors
  • A lock box/pouch or locked filing cabinet
  • An inconspicuous/out of the way place such as a dresser drawer

NO SHARING: it is illegal to share your prescription medication – even with a family member

  • The medication was prescribed specifically for you and your body
  • You do not know how the drug may affect others physically or emotionally
  • It is a criminal offense to share prescriptions

DISPOSAL: it is no longer acceptable to flush or throw away medications

  • Studies show measurable amounts of medication have been found in drinking water and wildlife due to flushing or throwing away medications
  • Medication strength changes over time and is not typically safe after one year
  • Utilize new drug disposal pouches which mixed with water dissolve and harden no-longer used medications, so they are biodegradable and may be thrown away
  • Proper disposal removes the medication from your home in safe way so that others don’t have access to it – use your local drug drop off sites
  • Sharps Disposal Information

Not able to access a drug drop box? Alternative ways to dispose of medications in your home.

  • Consider utilizing at home medication disposal pouches such the Deterra Drug Deactivation Pouches.
  • DFC may have some pouches for free for community partners or individuals. Supply is limited. Contact for more information.

Want To Know More? If you are interested in learning more about Prescription for a Safe Community or getting involved, please email Interim Coordinator Joyce Gau @

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