Destination Zero: Preventing Suicide in Fond du Lac County

When you set the goal at ZERO, it changes how you do things.

Preventing Suicides in Fond du Lac County

Destination Zero is an initiative that aims to reduce the number of suicides in Fond du Lac County to ZERO by promoting collaboration across sectors (clinical providers, area employers, veteran service groups, education, and service agencies) to ensure that policies and procedures are in place across the county which lead to better care for those at risk of suicide.


Key objectives in our efforts to achieve this aspirational goal include:

  • Reduce stigma around suicide and mental health which can limit help-seeking behaviors
  • Promote the use of a common language for communicating about suicide and suicide prevention
  • Partner with individuals who have lived experience to develop more effective intervention strategies
  • Develop a universal approach to identify, refer, assess, treat and monitor those who are at risk

CSI’s Prevent Suicide Fond du Lac County committee is playing a lead role in implementing several components of the Destination Zero initiative. Contact Tammi to get involved with this group of dedicated individuals!

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