You have indicated that you are concerned about your mental health, but it is not an emergency and you are not currently experiencing a mental health crisis. Click on the categories below to learn about accessing mental health treatment and support options.

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Counseling / Therapy

Local Support Groups

Contact the following to learn about available support groups:

Peer-Run Respite

Iris Place is a peer-run respite in Appleton for adults who want and need peer support to navigate emotional distress or crisis related to mental health and/or substance use. Open to all WI residents, it offers free short-term stays in a home-like environment. Call (920) 815-3217 or visit their website to learn more.

24/7 Peer-Supported "Warm Line"

(920) 815-3217

Iris Place of Appleton offers a “Warm Line” that is staffed 24/7 by experienced peer support specialists. This is a form of social support for anyone experiencing emotional distress or crisis related to to mental health and/or substance abuse.

Online Mental Health Screening

Take a free and anonymous mental health screening online to help determine if professional consultation may be useful at:

Additional FDL Co Resources

Mental Health Support Apps

There are many apps available which are designed to support mental health, but the quality can vary greatly so it is important to do your research. Such apps can be used in conjunction with other mental health treatment. Go to for unbiased reviews and rating scales to help you choose the app that’s right for you. Some to consider include: SuperBetter, Virtual Hope Box, What’s Up, and Woebot.

When in doubt call Crisis Intervention (920-929-3535) and they will help you decide what to do.