Have you lost a loved one to suicide?

You are not alone. Support is available.

NOTE: The Oct. 14th meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Complete the form below to register!

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, you are invited to attend a free support group held monthly in Fond du Lac.

The Survivors of Suicide Loss (S.O.S.L.) support group provides a safe, judgement-free space for those grieving the suicide death of a loved one, no matter how much time has passed.

A place to find support, comfort, resources, and hope.

Members of this peer-led group will have the opportunity to share their story, feel less isolated, and be supported by others who have also experienced a loss to suicide. Members will be encouraged to share openly, however no one will be pressured to participate – there is also healing in listening, and simply being around others who have walked a similar path.

  • Who: Adults who are grieving the suicide death of a loved one, regardless of when this occurred. Childcare is not available at this time.
  • When: 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:00-7:30pm
  • Where: *Oct 14th meeting will be virtual.* Friendship Corner, 86 S. Macy St., Fond du Lac. Meetings may be held virtually if necessary.
  • Cost: Group is FREE to attend

The Fond du Lac S.O.S.L group is ongoing. New members are welcome to join at any time.

Please complete the following form to register for the October 14th meeting or be added to our email list.

If you have any questions or difficulties completing the form, contact Tammi at kohlmant@fonddulac.k12 or (920)906-6527.

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Your contact information will not be shared, and is only being collected to ensure that our groups can be conducted as safely and securely as possible, and so that we can communicate any schedule changes to those who want to attend.

Those who are interested in attending should feel free to reach out with any questions to Tammi at (920)906-6527 or send an email to kohlmant@fonddulac.k12.wi.us.


Trained as Adult Bereavement Support Group Facilitators through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Sue Mitchell Metz is a local community member, wanting to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide. She is a registered nurse and EMT by background, with a degree in nursing and organizational leadership. Sue is married to Steve, has 3 children, Ryan, Mariah, and Brydan, and a granddaughter, Cyanne who consumes her time when she is not working or going to school. She is employed with SSM Health and currently working on a master’s degree in Thanatology. As a facilitator, Sue brings with her empathy and understanding, as she too is a survivor of suicide loss.

Linda Kroll has been a survivor of suicide loss since the death of her 24 year old son 19 years ago. She travels Wisconsin to bring awareness to this problem by sharing “Adam’s Story”.  Linda lives in the Fond du Lac area, is married to Jeff, and has two children.  She was a Probation & Parole agent for the State of Wisconsin and has 31 years  experience working in the Correctional field.

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This support group is facilitated by the Prevent Suicide Fond du Lac County Committee.

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