YScreen Advisory Board & Committees

We are actively recruiting new board members! Complete the interest form below or contact Jill at butlerj@fonddulac.k12.wi.us for more information.


A vital component of YScreen is its volunteer Advisory Board which advises and supports YScreen staff who implement the program. Board members hail from a variety of sectors, including education, healthcare, social services and privately-owned businesses, and include individuals with lived experience.

The members’ variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise strengthens the effectiveness of the board. A characteristic all members share is a commitment to improving the mental health of youth across Fond du Lac County. They understand that identifying youth who are struggling and supporting them and their families on a path towards healing is vital to the long-term health and success of our communities.

Roles and Responsibilities

The primary roles and responsibilities of a YScreen Advisory Board member include:

  • Understanding the mission, goals, and successes of YScreen
  • Building community support for the program by being an advocate and spokesperson
  • Assisting with annual program plan development and outcome evaluation
  • Supporting and assisting with fundraising efforts to improve program sustainability and capacity
  • Attending the six annual board meetings and being an active committee member (see committee info below)

Advisory Board members serve three year terms, and no more than two consecutive terms.

YScreen’s success is also bolstered by a Programming Committee and a Marketing & Sustainability Committee which are comprised of both Advisory Board members and community volunteers.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee works to promote and enhance school district participation in YScreen and examines the effectiveness of the tool in addressing the social and emotional needs of the participants. The desired outcome of these activities is to increase the number of students in need who are connected to services. In order to achieve this, the committee undertakes the following activities:

  • Develops and reviews materials to educate internal and external stakeholders about the program.
  • Reviews program data and survey results (faculty, student, and parent) and makes recommendations to improve the program’s impact and effectiveness.
  • Examines the process of administering YScreen within schools in order to provide ease of access, increase participation and timely feedback to administrators, parents, students and the community.
  • Works with local mental health providers to jointly examine barriers to accessing care and identify ways to reduce wait times.

Current Programming Committee members:

Diane Raue (Laconia High School) *Committee Chair*, Greg Henderson (AdvocateAurora Heathcare), Sue Mitchell Metz (SSM Health), Dave Michalkiewicz (FDL School District), Krystle Schmitz (AdvocateAurora Healthcare), Kris Tagliapietra (SSM Health)

Marketing & Sustainability Committee

The combined Marketing & Sustainability Committee’s two overarching goals are to:

  • Support the long-term sustainability of YScreen through a comprehensive donor plan.
  • Reduce the stigma of emotional health issues and increase public knowledge and awareness.

These goals are obtained through a variety of tasks, including the development of a plan of action for reaching out to donors and coordinating fundraising events. Annual program evaluation data is shared with donors to show how their investment has helped the emotional health needs of youth and contributed to suicide prevention efforts in Fond du Lac County.

Additionally, the Marketing & Sustainability Committee works to change the stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination of mental and emotional health through information posted on social media and websites, media outlets, and audience presentations.

Current Marketing & Sustainability Committee members:

Chris Burnett (National Exchange Bank & Trust) *Committee Chair*, Elyse Badtke (Adashun Jones Real Estate), Jackie Block (SSM Health), Susan Henderson (M3 Insurance), Cheryl Louden (FDL School District), Katie Reinke (SSM Health)

Are you interested in joining us?

We are actively looking for Board Member candidates, for the term beginning on July 1st, 2023. We are also open to welcoming new committee members on an ongoing basis. Candidates should have a personal commitment to youth mental health and both the time & ability to regularly participate in meetings and other activities in a meaningful way.

For more information, please contact Jill Butler, YScreen Program Coordinator at butlerj@fonddulac.k12.wi.us or fill out the interest form below.