Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Maintaining Mind-Body Balance

May 6, 2019

Social Connections & Recreation

Finding other people to relate to and doing healthy things that bring you enjoyment are great ways to improve your mood and overall mental health.

Loneliness is bad for a person’s health.

Fact: Being lonely can cause the same amount of damage to your lifespan as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is more dangerous to health than obesity.

Tips to cope with loneliness:

  • Look for a club to join
  • Try doing something creative like a puzzle or drawing
  • Visualize some place you would like to be
  • Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day

Social interaction and recreation are all around good for you.

Fact: Adolescents who participate in sports have lower odds of suffering from depression or thinking about suicide, likely because sports increase self-esteem and social support. Along with self-esteem and support adolescents will sleep better, develop problem-solving skills, reduce stress, increase academic performance, and more!

Get involved! To look for programs around the area for different age groups visit the links below:

Boys and Girls Club

Fond du Lac Area Events

UW-Extension Fond du Lac County

The well-being of caregivers is important.

Fact: Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common among caregivers.

To help avoid feeling burnt out as a caregiver, find a support group, ask for and accept help, manage emotions, take a break, and share responsibilities. Maintaining one’s own health will help decrease feeling burnt out. NAMI Fond du Lac Programs

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Make sleep a priority
  • Stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Make time for enjoyable hobbies

Friendships can improve your health!

Friends can help celebrate good times and provide support during difficult times. Friendships increase a person’s sense of belonging, boost happiness, reduce stress, improve self-confidence, help cope with difficult situations, encourage healthy lifestyles, and much more.

Tips for finding friends and things to do in Fond du Lac County:

Look for rec sports leagues in your community


Take a class

Mental Health of America has created several fact sheets regarding the importance of mind-body balance on mental health.  Click on the image below for a fact-sheet about social connections and recreation.

To learn more about this topic and other mental health awareness activities, visit Mental Health of America

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