Treatment for Drug Use & Abuse

October 8, 2018

Treatment for Drug Use & Abuse

Below are resources for LOCAL Treatment Service in Fond du Lac County, and additional resources related to treatment and recovery.

Local Treatment Services-BROCHURE

Local Treatment Services in Fond du Lac County-LIST

Descriptions of different types of treatment services

Different Types of Treatment for Drug Use & Abuse – SAMHSA Website

What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)- SAMHSA Website

SAMHSA Handbook: Decisions in Recovery-Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, may help with making decisions towards recovery and a medication assisted treatment.

REMEMBER: Addiction is a Medical Condition. Addiction is a brain disease that affects the brains physiology, how it works, priorities, thought processes, decision making and more. Addiction can happen at any age, but it usually starts when a person is young.

Relapse & Recover? Recovery from addiction means stopping drug use AND learn new ways of thinking, feeling, and dealing with problems. Addiction makes it hard to function in daily life and can impact your family, at work, and community. It’s hard to change so many things at once and not fall back into old habits. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong effort and possible.

INSURANCE. Are You Covered?

If you have Insurance: call the number on your insurance card to find out what providers and services are covered.

If you do NOT have Insurance: call or contact the following agencies:

  • Fond du Lac County Department of Community Programs – visit or call 920.929.3565
  • SSM Agnesian HealthCare, Samaritan Clinic – visit or schedule an appointment online or call 920.926.4841 or Waupun Memorial Hospital, 920.324.6540

Online Resources for Insurance:

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