New Year’s Resolutions: YScreen Newsletter January 2018

January 1, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions: YScreen Newsletter January 2018

Emotional health matters, and if it’s not taken care of a youth’s quality of life, academic achievement, relationships and physical health all are at a higher risk of suffering. The best way to teach your children the importance of New Year’s resolutions is by making it part of the family tradition and including at least one resolution focused on improved emotional health. Sit down at the start of each New Year and reflect on the past year, discussing your goals and accomplishments, as individuals and as a family.

Follow these tips to help your family succeed in the New Year!

1. Make your goals specific. Having specific, obtainable, and smart goals is proven to increase your chances of sticking with your new year’s resolution.

2. Measure your progress. Allowing yourself to look back at where you started helps to see the progress you’ve made and increases your motivation!

3. Be patient. While some people achieve their resolutions quickly, they may be faster to plateau. Don’t let slow progress deter you!

4. Share your goals with friends and family. While support from others helps us to achieve our goals, simply telling others about them helps to keep us accountable.

5. Schedule it. Having a concrete schedule is proven to increase your chances of obtaining a goal. It also helps to eliminate the excuse of ‘not having enough time’.

6. Something is better than nothing. Don’t have time for a full workout? Even 20 minutes of working towards a goal is better than nothing!

7. Get up, when you slip up. Don’t let temporary setbacks be an excuse to quit your goals. (Forbes, 2016)

YScreen is an emotional health screen and here to support youth and parents throughout Fond du Lac County. If you would like to request screening for your child or would like more information about YScreen, please contact us at (920) 906-6700 ext. 4714.

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